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  • Semiconductors: Driving Innovation in Motorcycles and Beyond

    Did you know that almost every industry uses semiconductors?  They are hiding where you would least expect it.

  • Discover the Future with Semiconductors

    By Jolene Montoya, IDLA Director of Curriculum Did you know right here in Idaho something super cool is happening? It’s all about semiconductors, the tiny things inside electronics like your phone and game consoles. And guess what? You don’t need to live in a big city to be part of this awesome tech world. Even […]

  • Gratitude

    By Jeff Simmons, IDLA Superintendent During the legislative session each year, getting caught up in the negative is easy. We quickly spotlight issues that are not resolved or not resolved to the preference of some. However, with the negatives in each session, there are also positives, and many positives are drowned out in each session […]

  • Reflections from DLAC

    Originally posted by: Digital Learning Collaborative, March 21, 2024Written by: John Watson Now that we’re a few weeks removed from DLAC, it seems like a good time to reflect on what we saw there. I’ll start with a key caveat, though—at a conference with hundreds of sessions and more than 1700 attendees, any person’s view is going […]

  • Our Outward Mindset

    The system we use at IDLA to develop our team culture encourages each team member to be “outward-minded.” Being outward-minded defines how each of us looks at others. When I look at another person, do I see them as someone valued and important? Or, when I look at another person, do I see them as […]

  • What’s Your Why?

    Simon Sinek has a well-known Ted Talk about starting with why. For those who haven’t seen it, I would encourage you to watch it before reading the rest of this post. For those who would like a quick summary, here goes… When asked what you or your company do, you usually start with what you […]

  • Student Spotlight: Brenna McDonald

    In this IDLA Student Spotlight, we are thrilled to feature Brenna McDonald, a remarkable 7th grader at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind. Brenna has been navigating her educational journey with determination and enthusiasm through IDLA online classes. Brenna’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of accessible education, […]

  • House Bill 452

    Those of you who are legislative junkies may have noticed House Bill 452. This bill is legislation that proposes an update to IDLA’s funding formula. “Why is IDLA updating their funding formula?” you may ask yourself. Here’s the “why” behind House Bill 452. IDLA’s Strategic Plan Goal 6.1 states, “Ensure IDLA sustainability through fiscal responsibility […]

  • IDLA Equals the Playing Field

    In July 2023, the State of Idaho announced the 2023 National Merit Scholars. National Merit Scholars are students who have demonstrated they are academically exceptional. Of the 2023 list of Merit Scholars, Idaho is home to 42 of them. These outstanding 42 students are just a glimpse of the excellence and promise Idaho can expect […]