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Advanced Placement Courses are online classes that offer rigorous, college-level curricula that allow high school students the opportunity to earn college credit in high school. IDLA offers students the chance to enroll in these challenging courses that might not be offered locally or fit into a student’s regular school schedule. Each AP Course is taught by a passionate IDLA teacher who strives to help students achieve success within these advanced academic courses. Students complete their online AP course work through IDLA and, in the spring, take the AP exam in person at a local testing center.

Students planning to take their AP Exams must coordinate with their home school to order the exam within the proper time period. Students will need to identify that the course provider is Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (077) when taking the exam, not their home/face-to-face school. IDLA staff will also be communicating with school Site Coordinators to remind them to assist the AP students with these items.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

AP courses are for all students, regardless of their grades. Anyone can enroll in an AP class and be successful. Some AP courses have prerequisites, but all AP courses require students to come prepared and willing to do their best work.

Benefits of AP

High school students take AP courses and exams to challenge themselves, explore their interests, and earn college credit and placement. 

AP can give you:

  • A Head Start in High School

Get a taste of college-level work while developing the academic skills you’ll need for college success. You might even discover your career path.

  • An Edge in College

Your AP Exam scores can earn you college credit before you set foot on campus and may even let you skip introductory college courses. By taking an AP course you are letting colleges know you are serious about your education.

  • Skills and Confidence

Learn valuable time management and study skills needed for college and career success as you dig deeper into subjects that interest you. Tap into your creativity and problem-solving skills to meet course challenges.

IDLA is excited to offer online AP courses in several disciplines ranging from English to computer science. You should choose an AP course based on what subjects you are passionate about as well as what classes you do well in. You might also consider how an AP course might connect to a major or career you are interested in.

Take this online quiz provided by the College Board to help you decide on a course to take.

AP courses offered by IDLA

  • AP American Government & Politics
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Statistics

Registration for Class

In order to sign up for an IDLA AP course, students must be enrolled with their local school and have completed all necessary prerequisites for the class prior to enrollment. Each school has a site coordinator who will help with the registration of the online class.

The AP Coordinator at your school is responsible for ordering your exam. They will create an online Exam Administration section. You will need to request the Join Code for your school so you can register to take the AP Exam in the spring.

How to Register to Take The AP Exam

1) Go to

2) Enter your login information and click Sign In. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up. If you forgot your username or password, the links below the login area of the screen will help you gain access to your account.

3) Once you are logged in you will see a notification that you have not joined a class. Select “Join a Course or Exam” and enter the join code provided by the teacher and school AP coordinator.

For IDLA Students, you will need to enter in two Join Codes. One from your IDLA teacher to join their classroom and one from your face to face school to register to take the exam. 

Your IDLA Teacher will provide you with this code when the class starts in the fall.

4) After you enter your join codes, you will see a confirmation screen. Review all information listed to ensure everything is correct. Your AP Coordinator will take it from here!

If your school does not have an AP Coordinator, contact your IDLA Site Coordinator about locating the nearest AP Testing location.