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Ready to take IDLA courses? Here’s how!

Thank you for your inquiry regarding getting started and registering with IDLA. The methods for accessing IDLA course registration will vary based on where you are located. The following information is intended to help you navigate the options in your area.

IDLA courses can only be accessed through an established school entity:

  • IDLA is a supplemental course provider for the Idaho Public School system. All school districts in the state have access to register and manage students for IDLA courses through their designated, school-employed Site Coordinator. A student’s enrollment with their local neighborhood school, and that school’s district policy, will determine if IDLA course registration is accessible (including that of homeschoolers looking to dual enroll.)
  • The local school / IDLA relationship:
    • The school facilitates IDLA course registration.
    • IDLA provides the course to the student.
    • The school provides guidance counseling and special education staff, should your child need additional support.
    • When the course is complete, IDLA will make a course report available to the school – The school will use the IDLA course report to assign a course grade based on the district’s policies.
    • The school will transcribe this grade onto the student’s records.
    • The school will provide the transcripts and issue diplomas.

We understand there are homeschool families who would prefer to enroll directly with IDLA.  However, since we are a supplemental program created for the school system, our enrollments must be registered through an Idaho school district.  Many districts have policies that will allow homeschool registration through dual enrollment (allowing the home-school to remain the primary source of education – State information on dual enrollment is linked in the resources below.) Learning the options in your area will require some investigation:

Options for accessing IDLA course registration:

  1. First, contact your local neighborhood school or school district and ask to speak with their IDLA Site Coordinator. This is the person who is usually the most knowledgeable regarding the school district’s policies on IDLA registration. The Site Coordinator is the person who can log into the IDLA system and register your student for courses. This includes access to IDLA Driver Education courses.

Questions to ask:

  • Will the school grant my student registration access to IDLA courses, once enrolled?
  • If yes, what are the school’s minimum requirements to have this registration access? (Some schools will require that the student attend one or more classes on campus)
  • Am I responsible for the ($75) course fee or does the district pay this fee?
  • If the school grants dual enrollment registration access to IDLA courses, what are the other minimum requirements? Is state, benchmark and other standardized testing required or waived?
  • Does the school grant registration access to Dual Credit courses and Advanced Opportunities funding designed to support college credit opportunities?
  1. If you’re unable to develop an agreement with your local neighborhood school, an IDLA Regional Coordinator, who is local to your area, can assist you with additional options depending on your circumstances and what is available where you live. For a map of Idaho to determine who your Regional Coordinator is and their contact information, please click HERE.


  1. Idaho schools boundary District Finder
  2. Idaho State Department of Education FAQs on Dual Enrollment relationships & responsibilities
  3. Idaho State Department of Education – School Choice  Regarding open enrollment, different types of schooling options, and contact information of the Coordinator for guidance.
  4. Advanced Opportunities – Explanation and use of AO funding and how to sign up.  Also known as Fast Forward Funding. Advanced Opportunities funding for homeschoolers – Student Opportunities Assistance Program


Once the student is registered for their course(s) they will be enrolled in an orientation course.

  • This is a one-time prerequisite for all IDLA courses and will take approximately 2 hours to complete. IDLA offers two course models, Flex and Cohort. If a student takes both models they will be required to complete an orientation for each model.
  • Orientation provides a self-guided introduction to the skills needed for use with the learning management system software. Unlike our regular courses, orientation does not have a teacher associated with the course. Orientation gives a fundamental understanding of online rules and responsibilities.
  • Students are required to independently complete orientation before the term begins. If orientation is not completed, students will not be enrolled in their course.