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October 14, 2015

mindsetgraphiciNACOL’S Blended Teacher Competency Framework has four domains: Mindset, Qualities, Adaptive Skills and Technical Skills. In the Adaptive Skills domain, the first competency is Reflection. So, let’s reflect on reflecting.

According to the CSU Writing Studio, “reflection transforms experience into genuine learning about individual values and goals and about larger social issues” and the same holds true for reflecting on one’s teaching. What happens when we put pen to paper, or font to page, as with the use of digital tools? What flows from us might very well be the barrier that’s keeping us from moving forward in our teaching practice.

The thought of change can be a barrier in itself, but writing about what went well, what went poorly, what contributed to those experiences–can break down that barrier. Writing about anything can be cathartic, and let’s face it: at the end of a long teaching day, when we’ve given everything of ourselves and then some, catharsis can be a wonderful thing.

Some digital tools for journaling include Google docs, Padlet, DayOne app or just plain paper and pencil. The handy thing about a digital tool is that it’s on your phone or your device, and there’s no need to pack extra items. Regardless of how you do it, I encourage you to make a commitment, set aside some time, and write about your teaching. A world of growth awaits.

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