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Frequently asked questions

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General questions

While you may be able to take a full course load through IDLA, we are not a stand-alone school. All students must be enrolled in a public, private, or charter school in Idaho to access IDLA courses.

No. IDLA does not transcribe credits. We are a supplemental program and you must be enrolled in an Idaho school district to take courses with us.

Please contact your local site coordinator to drop a class. During summer course drops, when site coordinators are unavailable, IDLA can accept drop requests directly from parents or guardians. Please contact the IDLA Registrar’s Office to get started.

Please reach out to your local site coordinator and/or your school counselor and let them know the grade is missing.

IDLA classes are asynchronous, which means there is not a set time you need to log in. An assignment schedule with due dates will be available in your class.

Please take the practice test and then click the arrow in the top right corner to proceed to the final exam. Don’t forget to click “submit” when you are finished. You should receive an email confirming that you passed orientation within an hour of completing the final exam. You may take the orientation final exam as many times as needed to get the required 80% score.


Your site coordinator is typically a school counselor at your local school. They are responsible for partnering with IDLA (Idaho Digital Learning Academy) to help enroll and monitor students in IDLA courses. However, it’s important to note that each school designates its own site coordinator, so their roles may vary. If you’re unsure about who your site coordinator is, you can give us a call for assistance.

IDLA is a supplemental program created for the Idaho public school system, and our enrollments must be registered through an Idaho school district. Many districts have policies that will allow homeschool registration. For more information and how to find the options available in your area, go to our About IDLA page.

All IDLA registrations are processed through the local school. Check out the registration steps on our homepage to learn how the process works.

Secondary classes

This widely varies based on the course subject and length of the class. You can anticipate around 5-7 hours per week for our semester-length (16-week) classes, and around 8-10 hours per week for our nine-week classes.

Typically, no. Students should be in high school and meet all prerequisite and placement requirements for the college or university and course. Please refer to the syllabus and individual institution policies for registration.

Students: For more information, contact the school counselor/career advisor or contact the State Department of Education – Advanced Opportunities.

Administrators: The Advanced Opportunities Support Team offers local and individualized assistance for school and district personnel.

Elementary classes

That depends on your school’s schedule and the request from the site coordinator. Synchronous, or real-time, meeting times will be shared with you, your family, IDLA and onsite school staff prior to the start of the session.

Yes, up to five hours of live instruction per week is provided. This often includes small group rotations.

Yes, if the district requests a remote Launchpad students will meet from home. These are often in the summer or before or after school.

We can offer ELA instruction through our Launchpad program. Your local school district can help connect you to IDLA for options.

Fees and billing

IDLA does charge a fee (except for AP and DC courses), and that is billed directly to the school or district. Each school is unique and has internal policies, so check with your school to find out how the fee is handled.

Course fees are eligible for a refund if the student drops the course prior to the drop deadline.

Yes, IDLA does offer scholarships to qualifying students. Please contact your school site coordinator.