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IDLA’s credit recovery courses are designed using a hybrid approach that combines a traditional IDLA custom session with a district-led intervention program. IDLA provides the course content, learning management system, teachers, and internal support staff to districts. Districts provide local personnel to support you with intervention support, social-emotional support, physical and/or virtual technical access to courses, and transcription of credits.

These courses are intended for students who have previously failed a course required for graduation, as well as for first-time learners who have been designated as at-risk.

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How is credit recovery
different from cohort or flex courses?

  • Credit recovery course content is different. You’ll review materials and complete an activity for each lesson, then complete a unit quiz at the end of each unit. The course is broken down into eight units, and the eight unit quizzes make up the initial exam requirement for the course. There is no additional final exam or final project in the course. 
  • To be counted as present for the day, you must maintain a regular pace by completing daily work as assigned by the teacher. If you do not meet daily work requirements, you will be recorded as absent for the day. Your site coordinator may excuse an absence by contacting your teacher. Any student with 12 unexcused absences will be dropped from the course.
  • Monitoring site coordinators work in partnership with the IDLA teacher to provide additional social and emotional learning (SEL) support for students to help meet the non-academic needs necessary for success. Monitoring site coordinators receive a brief training to equip them with the tools they need to provide this layer of support.
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