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  • You Can’t Spell “IDLA” Without “AI”

    As Idaho’s state virtual school, IDLA is committed to driving innovation in education through technology. How do we do this? First, we challenge ourselves to keep up to speed on technology innovation that is changing the teaching and learning experience. We learn, we teach each other, and we look at everything from the lens of […]

  • Charting the Future of Education: A Comprehensive Planning Guide for Integrating AI in K-12 Education

    Leaders in virtual education are facing a new challenge: integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their programs. Though AI had been quietly driving many learning applications and processes behind the scenes, the release of ChatGPT in November 2022 brought the topic of generative AI to the forefront of many discussions.

  • By Idaho For Idaho

    IDLA is blessed to have the support of Idaho’s legislators and taxpayers. We are fully aware that the dollars we receive from our legislature each year come from our hard-working taxpayers. IDLA is committed to ensuring that we are good stewards of the people’s money. IDLA works hard to ensure the dollars invested from Idaho […]

  • Council graduate from Idaho Digital Learning Alliance.

    A Rural Student’s Journey: Unleashing the Opportunities of Online Learning

    Council graduate gets a jump start on her future through Idaho Digital Learning Alliance Boise, ID – July 13, 2023 – In today’s digital era, online learning has gained popularity, offering flexible educational options. Secasch Mink, a recent graduate of Council High School, took the opportunity to expand her education by taking additional courses online […]

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    Hands-On Learning for Idaho Students

    Hands on? Check. Challenge-based? Check. Career skill development through creative activities? Check! Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, in a unique partnership called OnRamp with Apple, Boise State University, and College of Western Idaho is bringing exciting opportunities to Idaho students in coding, app design, and creative communication. These opportunities are currently available through two classes:  App […]

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    Idaho Digital Learning Alliance Partners with LearningMate to Develop Clarity, A Next-Generation Data Platform

    New York, NY— LearningMate, a leading education technology company, announced that Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA), an online virtual education leader, has partnered with LearningMate to develop Clarity. This next-generation data platform aggregates data from more than 20 unique platforms while providing centralized academic, behavioral, and perception data reporting.  Clarity leverages a unified data model […]

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    Keeping kids engaged and learning during the summer – 2021

    It’s been a challenging year but as the school year is coming to a close, we’ve curated a list of options to keep kids engaged and learning during the summer. The list is smaller this year due to Covid-19 face-2-face safety guidelines but here are some options we’ve found throughout Idaho that offer summer learning […]

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    Lessons Learned in the Field

    By: Angie Hunter Every summer when I hear the “ch-ch-ch” of an irrigation handline turning out water that glistens brilliantly in the sun, I am reminded of my youth. I grew up on a farm which meant that there was always a built-in summer job. It may not have always been a paying one, unless […]

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    Serving Rural Students in Idaho

    Idaho has always been classified as a rural state, 479 miles long and 305 miles wide.  Idaho fits snugly between economic urban powerhouse states Washington and Oregon and more rural neighbors Montana and Wyoming. The geographic placement of Idaho creates a unique situation when providing equal education access and opportunity to all students throughout the […]