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  • There are Many Paths

    By Jeff Simmons, IDLA Superintendent Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA) was created in 2002 to provide “…choice, accessibility, flexibility, quality and equity in curricular offerings for students in this state.” As part of our mission, IDLA is proud to provide all students across Idaho with multiple pathways to their chosen college and career. Also included […]

  • Artificial Intelligence in Idaho Classrooms: Friend or Foe?

    By Superintendent of Public Instruction Debbie Critchfield When it comes to technological advancements, the speed of change sometimes feels lightning-fast. Most of us have clear memories of what life was like before Google and smartphones. Some may argue it was better/easier then, but we can agree that things that once seemed out of reach are […]

  • Chip Chip Hooray: Dive into the World of Semiconductors!

    By Jolene Del Re, IDLA Director of Curriculum Hey future tech wizards! Are you ready to explore the tiny tech that powers our big world? Join our new course, Chip Chip Hooray: Semiconductors 1, and discover the power of semiconductors. Why Semiconductors? Semiconductors are the heart of modern technology, found in everything from phones to […]

  • Learning How to Learn Online

    By Jeff Simmons, IDLA Superintendent  A common frustration shared by parents and students of first-time online learners is that students need to learn both the course content and the online learning process. In the online classroom, students learn the same concepts to the same depth as in the physical classroom, but how they learn these […]

  • Semiconductors: Driving Innovation in Motorcycles and Beyond

    Did you know that almost every industry uses semiconductors?  They are hiding where you would least expect it.

  • The Future of AI in Education: Augmentation or Replacement?

    By Ryan Gravette, IDLA Director of Technology Some of the funny quotes about AI recently are related to wanting AI to do the laundry and dishes so we can do the writing, art, and poetry, not vice versa. At first, these generate a chuckle, but the quote relates to using AI to replace traditional human […]

  • Discover the Future with Semiconductors

    By Jolene Montoya, IDLA Director of Curriculum Did you know right here in Idaho something super cool is happening? It’s all about semiconductors, the tiny things inside electronics like your phone and game consoles. And guess what? You don’t need to live in a big city to be part of this awesome tech world. Even […]

  • Gratitude

    By Jeff Simmons, IDLA Superintendent During the legislative session each year, getting caught up in the negative is easy. We quickly spotlight issues that are not resolved or not resolved to the preference of some. However, with the negatives in each session, there are also positives, and many positives are drowned out in each session […]

  • Reflections from DLAC

    Originally posted by: Digital Learning Collaborative, March 21, 2024Written by: John Watson Now that we’re a few weeks removed from DLAC, it seems like a good time to reflect on what we saw there. I’ll start with a key caveat, though—at a conference with hundreds of sessions and more than 1700 attendees, any person’s view is going […]