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December 12, 2023

IDLA is Idaho’s state virtual school. We provide supplemental online courses to all students enrolled through a public school in Idaho. So, what exactly is the value of a state virtual school? In the spirit of the season, here are a few gifts IDLA places under the Idaho Education tree each year:

Equity. Each district in our state has different resources, which creates various opportunities for students in each district. Students may or may not have direct access to opportunities that interest them, depending on the district and the resources available through their community. However, all students in a public school district have access to IDLA. Through the partnership between each school district and IDLA students can unwrap the opportunity they need to pursue their future college or career goals.

Capacity. That resource thing again! It can be challenging for urban and rural districts to staff each area of need. Our state has made great strides in this area by implementing the Career Ladder and increasing salaries for both certificated and non-certificated staff. Even so, districts are prone to transitions and changes in staffing just like any other organization. Often, districts ask IDLA to fill teaching shortages and other educational needs until they can find a permanent staffing solution. There is no Secret Santa here; IDLA’s resources are available to every Idaho district as needed.

Leadership. Just like Christmas, each year brings a hot new toy for education. New technology is available every day. How do we use it in our classrooms? IDLA is a leader in the application of technology in education, both at the state and national levels. As the state virtual school, IDLA advocates for the appropriate inclusion of technology in the classroom, supported by current standards and best practices.

Quality. One lesson we all learned during the pandemic was that quality online learning is hard to do at scale. IDLA’s support and structure allow us to ensure student learning experiences are at the level of quality they each deserve. Nobody wants a cheap tie or a bad fruitcake under the tree. Districts, students, and parents looking to IDLA for a need deserve to have that need met with the same quality experience as they should expect in a physical classroom. IDLA has been a leader in virtual learning for 21 years and provides learning experiences that meet national quality standards.   

Innovation. The last gift IDLA places under the tree each year is always something new! IDLA continues to innovate to find new opportunities for students each year. This year’s gift includes everything from attending a summer camp incorporating technology in outdoor education to a top-notch reading intervention program. IDLA is committed to innovation that expands opportunities for all Idaho students.

What gift has IDLA placed under the tree for you this year? Reach out and let us know! We’d love to help tell your story.

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