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Ready to take IDLA courses? Here’s how.

You are just a few steps away from starting your learning journey! The way you’ll register for IDLA will vary based on your location. The following information is intended to help you navigate the options in your area.

Step 1

Review the course catalog

IDLA offers hundreds of options for students at all levels, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as courses offered for college credit. 

Review the course catalog and check out the course descriptions to learn more about each course. Ultimately, you will work with your local site coordinator (often, your counselor), to start this process and ensure courses taken with IDLA will meet local graduation requirements. 

You will also want to consider if online learning is right for you. Online learning offers great flexibility for students of all skill sets, but it’s important to know if it’s a good choice for you.

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Step 2

Contact the school site coordinator

Each school that uses IDLA has at least one appointed site coordinator who will guide you and your parents or guardians through the IDLA registration process. If you are unable to locate a site coordinator, please contact the IDLA office.

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Step 3

Register for IDLA

The site coordinator may ask you to fill out a paper or online form to begin the registration process. You’ll work with your school’s site coordinator and/or counselors to figure out which course and semester to register for. The site coordinator or counselor will discuss payment with you, too.

Depending on your local school’s process, the site coordinator may directly register you in IDLA or provide a code you can use to request registration.

Step 4

Check your inbox

Once you are enrolled, IDLA will email you with important instructions and information. Carefully review the enrollment confirmation emails and syllabus, because you may need materials like specific equipment, textbooks, or other resources to successfully complete your IDLA course.

Students who are new to IDLA or who are enrolling in a program for the first time will need to complete an online orientation course. This is a one-time prerequisite for all IDLA courses and will take approximately two hours to complete. You must complete orientation once for either credit recovery or cohort, and again if you enroll in Flex.

Unlike our regular courses, orientation is not taught by a teacher. Instead, you’ll guide yourself through an introduction to the skills you’ll need to navigate the learning management system (LMS). After completing orientation, you’ll have a firm understanding of IDLA’s online rules and responsibilities.

You are required to independently complete your orientation before the term begins. If you don’t, you will be dropped from your courses. During orientation and the period of time between registration and course start, you’ll want to ensure that you have a device that meets all technical requirements.

Step 5

Start course!

Login and let the learning begin! Don’t forget that you have several adults ready to support you and your learning. IDLA courses provide a teacher and a principal who can help you. Your school’s site coordinator will also be an important contact for you keep throughout the course.

IDLA has a top-notch technical support team that can help you with any issues you may encounter anywhere along the way.