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Idaho Digital Alliance partners with the College of Eastern Idaho (CEI) to offer the GEM Pathway, or General Education Matriculation Pathway. GEM courses are accepted across all state institutions in Idaho. There are a few important steps to complete and everyone’s path looks a little different. Thankfully, the GEM Pathway (CEI) is here to provide you advising to help you figure out the best way forward.

  • Talk to your site coordinator or high school counselor about your interest in the GEM Pathway (CEI).
  • Review your courses with your counselor and contact a CEI advisor for next steps. Click here to make an appointment with a CEI advisor.
  • Enroll in your Dual Credit course through IDLA and CEI. You will want to work with your counselor/site coordinator to make sure you are registering in the correct courses.
  • Study hard, use your resources, and complete your individual pathway!

For Students & Parents

Below is information specifically for students and parents about the GEM Pathway. Click each question to find out more information.

The GEM Pathway allows students to complete the equivalent of their freshman year of college. The courses taken are highly transferable and students work with a trained college advisor to help each step of the way. This pathway ensures that students have access to the right coursework and the right resources tailored for their individual success.

When you enroll in a Dual Credit course, you have the unique opportunity to earn both high school and college credit for that course.  Each college credit costs $75. So, if you took a course that was worth 3 college credits, the cost would be $225 (plus the cost of a textbook, if required). 

However, you may be able to get the cost of your courses covered through the Advanced Opportunities program. The Advanced Opportunities program can provide funding for students who want to take advanced course work while attending an Idaho public school in grades 7-12.

Talk to your parents/guardians and your school Site Coordinator/Counselor about Advanced Opportunities funds provided by the State of Idaho. Determine whether or not to use these funds to pay for the cost of your college credits.

For more information, visit the Advanced Opportunities(opens in a new tab) page on the Idaho State Department of Education website.

Most students start their junior year, however students who would like to get a head start can begin taking some dual credit courses as early as 9th or 10th grade. Talk to your high school counselor to explore which courses are available, and work with a CEI advisor to design a plan that works for you.

GEM Pathway (CEI) Courses

IDLA CourseCEI CourseGEM CategoryCollege Credits
Dual Credit Eng 12A/Eng101 (CEI)ENGL 101: Writing and Rhetoric IWritten Communication3
Dual Credit Eng 12B/Eng102 (CEI)ENGL 102: Writing and Rhetoric IIWritten Communication3
Dual Credit Speech (CEI)COMM 101: Fundamentals of Oral CommunicationOral Communication3
Dual Credit College Algebra (CEI)MATH 143: College AlgebraMathematics3
Dual Credit Trigonometry (CEI)MATH144: Trigonometry (option to prepare for Calculus)Elective3
Dual Credit Biology A & B (CEI)BIOL 100/L (with a lab): Concepts of BiologyScientific3
Dual Credit Chemistry A & BCHEM 100/L (with a lab): Concepts of ChemistryScientific3
Dual Credit Government & Politics A & BPOLS 101: American National GovernmentSocial & Behavioral3
Dual Credit Survey of World MythologyENGL 215: Survey of World MythologyHumanistic & Artistic3
Coming Soon!HUM 101: Introduction to Humanities or PHIL 103: Introduction to EthicsHumanistic & Artistic3
Dual Credit US History I (CEI)HIST 111: US History ISocial & Behavioral3
Dual Credit US History II (CEI)HIST 112: US History IIInstitutional Specific 3
Dual Credit Sociology (CEI)SOC 101: Introduction to SociologyInstitutional Specific 3
Total Credits33