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Registration Deadlines:

Fall 2023

  • Admission & Registration deadline: Friday, September 22, 2023
  • Drop deadline (qualifies for tuition refund & no grade recorded): Friday, October 6, 2023
  • Drop deadline with “W”, no refund: Friday, December 1, 2023

Spring 2024

  • Admission & Registration deadline: Friday, February 16, 2024
  • Drop deadline (qualifies for tuition refund & no grade recorded): Friday, March 1, 2024
  • Drop deadline with “W”, no refund: Friday, April 26, 2024

U of I Contact Info

Dual Credit Office

PH: (208) 885-6400


UI Registration Checklist

  • Talk to your parents and your school Site Coordinator/Counselor about dual credit courses offered through IDLA. Be sure to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of college credit available through a dual credit course.  A full list of course offerings can be found on the IDLA Course Catalog.
  • Be sure you meet any prerequisite requirements for the course prior to registering for the course.
  • Work with your Site Coordinator to register for the course through IDLA.
  • Check your registration confirmation email for the course start date and other important information.
  • Visit UI Dual Credit website
  • Click the link to register via the University of Idaho’s Dual Enroll site.
    • New users: Create a profile, apply, and register.
    • Returning Dual Enroll users (for any University/College): Login, apply, and register.
  • Please note: As a student, you may have multiple Dual Enroll accounts (BSU, CSI, CWI).  You may use all the same login info that you used for the other schools BUT YOU MUST go to UI’s Dual Enroll portal and set up an account. 
  • Talk to your parents and your school Site Coordinator/Counselor about Advanced Opportunities funds provided by the State of Idaho. Determine whether or not to use these funds to pay for the cost of your college credits.
  • Once registered, all students can log in to their VandalWeb account to view charges and make payments. (The university will need up to 2 weeks to process Advanced Opportunities payments to your student account.)
    • Options for Payment
      • Tuition and fees can be paid in full by cash, check, debit card, credit card or electronic bank transfer (E-Check).
      • Cash is accepted only in person at the Student Accounts/Cashiers window (Bruce Pitman Center, 1st floor, Room 125).
      • Checks are accepted in person at the Student Accounts/Cashier’s window or by mail.
      • Debit card payments (with a PIN), are accepted only in person at the Student Account/Cashier’s window.
      • Credit card and debit card payments are accepted via VandalWeb (with a convenience fee of $3 or 2.85%, whichever is greater).
      • Electronic bank transfers (E-Checks) are only accepted via VandalWeb (no convenience fee is applied).
  • Using Advanced Opportunity funding? Work with your school Site Coordinator/Counselor to register through the state Advanced Opportunities portal.
  • For additional Billing and Payment Information, click here.

Spring 2023

All Dual Enrolled students will receive billing notification sent to their Vandal emailaccount. Parents, guardians or othersneeding copies of the billing statement will request this information from the student. If eligible, the Advanced Opportunities program can cover $75.00 per credit, but students are responsible for any additional fees associated with the course, such as: lab and online fees; books; supplies; and non-course related fees, such as transportation to and from college.  Advanced Opportunities allocates $4125 per student.**

What is the payment schedule for Dual Enrolled students taking courses at their high school?

For Dual Enrolled students taking courses at their high school, any balance remaining after Advanced Opportunities payments are posted will need to be paid within 10 days of the start of your class to avoid a late payment fee. A $100 late payment fee is charged on accounts beginning on the first of each month, starting in October for fall and in March for spring if your account balance is greater than $300.00, or if you have not signed up for a payment plan.

See the Late Fee Schedule for additional possible late fees.

NOTE: Failure to receive a bill does not relieve students from their payment responsibilities.

IMPORTANT: Student registration is not canceled for non-payment.

Troubles with the Student Account Center in VandalWeb?

  1. Do NOT use a mobile device or tablet, as the page typically does not display properly, or at all.
  2. Using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your web browser works the best. Other web browsers, including Safari and Firefox, will NOT work.
  3. Your pop-up blocker needs to be turned off for a new tab to open for the payment system.
  4. If you used the back button on your browser at any time, you will be taken to a screen asking for your login and password. This login will NOT work. If this happens, you must log out of VandalWeb and log back in, or reboot your computer.

Can I request a payment plan to pay for my college credits?

If a student’s tuition bill is not covered by Advanced Opportunities (also called Fast Forward) funds and exceeds $300 for a term, they may request a payment plan through U of I Student Accounts. This option is available only for the term in which a student is currently enrolled, and only if all outstanding fees from previous terms have been paid.

The University of Idaho offers payment plans to students unable to pay in full by the payment deadlines. The payment plan requires an enrollment fee of $55 for each semester. Fall semester payment plans can be set up for 4 monthly payments beginning in August for on-campus students and for 3 monthly payments beginning in September for students taking courses at their high school. Spring semester payment plans can be set up for 4 monthly payments beginning in January for all Dual Enrolled students. Summer semester payment plans can be set up for 4 monthly payments beginning in early-May for all Dual Enrolled students.

To sign up for a payment plan, log in to your VandalWeb account; select Students; select Student Accounts; select Student Accounts Center; then select Payment Plans (located in upper gold bar), and submit requested information.

Traditional federal financial aid is not available for dual credit students, as they are considered non-degree seeking students.

Dual credit students may not add or drop courses online. Any course change must be approved by a high school counselor. See Dates and Deadlines for course add/drop deadlines. Be sure to confirm all course changes by logging on to VandalWeb.

  • A “drop” is when students are taken out of a course within the posted drop/add period of not receiving a grade of W (withdrawal from a course). A dropped course is not transcripted.
  • A “withdrawal” is when students are taken out of a course after the posted drop/add period (some instructors may withdraw students for nonattendance). A grade of “W” will be transcripted. This will not affect their college grade point average; however, students should check their high school’s policy on how a W affects their high school grade point average and eligibility for participating in high school activities and programs.

How to drop or withdrawal a student from a DC course?

  1. From your U of I e-mail send the request to your high school counselor, requesting that the dual credit course be dropped or withdrawn.
    • Include your full nameVandal ID number (V00123456), name of the course, reason you are dropping:
      • ☐ Academic Difficulty, ☐ Personal Illness, ☐ Schedule Change or ☐ other___
    • This is verification and acknowledgment of the students’ request to withdrawal.
  2. The high school counselor then forwards the email, along with their approval to Counselors should cc the Dual Credit office at on all requests submitted to ensure that they are processed timely manner.
    • The Office of the Registrar will drop the course for the student and notify them by e-mail that the drop has been processed.
  3. Students can confirm all course changes by logging on to VandalWeb.

**NOTE:If a student failed or withdrew from a course in a previous semester, the student must self-pay for the course credits failed in the current semester. The course fee is $75 per credit hour. (Ex: Failed ENGL 101;  3-credit hour course, a student must pay $75 x3)