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September 28, 2023

Council graduate from Idaho Digital Learning Alliance.

Council graduate gets a jump start on her future through Idaho Digital Learning Alliance

Boise, ID – July 13, 2023 – In today’s digital era, online learning has gained popularity, offering flexible educational options. Secasch Mink, a recent graduate of Council High School, took the opportunity to expand her education by taking additional courses online through the Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA). 

Secasch Mink completed 19 courses offered by IDLA. The variety of courses she enrolled in was driven by her curiosity and a desire to explore different subjects. Among these courses were Dual Credit Survey of World Mythology, Dual Credit Entrepreneurship, Japanese, Astronomy, and English 10, to name a few. She explains, “Most of these classes are all over the place and you can tell that I don’t know what I want to do in the future. With that being said, my main motivation for all of these classes was to take things I needed in high school but with dual credit so that I would gain as much as possible.”

Secasch initially found IDLA’s online learning format challenging, but she quickly adjusted. “IDLA took some time to get used to, especially if you haven’t taken online courses before. However, after a week or so, I got the hang of it,” she shares. Secasch appreciates the flexibility provided by IDLA, saying, “I love how IDLA gives you the work and due dates, allowing you to decide when to complete it. The challenges I encountered with IDLA are similar to what you’ll face in college. You learn how to manage yourself and become more independent.”

Secasch emphasizes the valuable skills she gained from IDLA. “Time management and self-motivation were the most important skills I developed. IDLA taught me the importance of completing tasks promptly and being motivated to succeed,” she explains. These skills will undoubtedly benefit her in future academic and professional endeavors.

Reflecting on her experience, Secasch wholeheartedly recommends IDLA to other students. “I highly recommend IDLA because it offers diverse class options that aren’t available elsewhere. Thanks to IDLA, I graduated early and already completed a significant portion of college coursework,” she shares.

What’s next for Secasch? While she is still undetermined on a definite career path, she shares her next step, “I plan on attending the University of Idaho in the fall and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m going to major in Business because I want to own a business eventually.”

Secasch Mink’s journey with IDLA highlights the transformative power of online learning. Through diverse course selections, adaptability to the online format, and support from influential teachers, she developed essential skills such as time management and self-motivation. Secasch’s experience serves as an inspiration for students seeking educational opportunities in situations where classes may not be available, schedules are limited or in Secasch’s experience, the ability to move ahead. IDLA’s flexibility and academic offerings provide a pathway to success for students like Secasch, paving the way for their future accomplishments.

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